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Union Metal Industries Corp. makes quality, highly engineered steel structures for lighting, traffic control, signage, and mass transit.

We’re dedicated to making public areas safer, providing responsive service to our customers, and engineering the best product.

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A Recognized Leader

As one of the first and most innovative in the industry, Union Metal is a recognized leader in pole manufacturing. We produce a broad line, available in a range of finishes and mounting styles. We also offer a variety of add-ons and accessories.

Whatever your needs, Union Metal has the capabilities to engineer customized poles to meet them.

More Than a Century of Experience

Union Metal has been in business since 1906. Our Nostalgia line uses some of the same designs we placed in towns across America more than 100 years ago. We’ve pioneered ideas like the tapered tubular pole (the monotube) that’s now an industry standard.

During the 1920s and '30s, more than 4,400 towns across America installed their very first electrical light poles – produced by Union Metal.

We also introduced the first (and longest) traffic mast arm pole, and, to this day, we’re the leading supplier for state DOT projects across the country.

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The Facts About Union Metal

Union Metal is an active acquirer of related industrial businesses. We are owned by American Industrial Acquisition Corporation, a privately held industrial investment group portfolio with the long-term mission to build enduring businesses like Union Metal.

2019 TMA Award

Turnaround Management Association (TMA) will hold it's annual conference September 25 thru 27 2019 in Cleveland, OH. During this event UMIC will be award the 2019 Small Company Turnaround Award

AISC-certified Factory

Factory certified to the American Institute of Steel Construction

ISO 9001 Certified

ISO 9001 Certified

Welding conforms to AWS D1.1

Welding conforms to AWS D1.1

Conforms to AASHTO Standards

Conformed to the latest aashto standards

The Steel Poles You Need

When you need steel poles and structures, look to Union Metal. We have one of the most diverse product offerings in the industry.

The core of our engineering expertise is the fabrication of tapered shafts with guaranteed uniform section shape, high-yield strength and unobtrusive weld seams.

Our product line includes:

Smart Poles
Lighting poles equipped for electricity and Wi-Fi.
Featured Product
Electric Utilities
Safe and dependable electric applications from street lights to transmission and distribution.
Mass Transit
Cantenary poles for light rail and mass transit applications.
State Public Highways
Rugged lighting, traffic control, signage and camera supports.
Municipal Street and Traffic
Traffic signals, street lighting and signage.
Commercial and Residential
Standard and custom poles for residential and commercial street lighting applications.
Communication Towers
High-volume pole fabrication for wireless communication towers.
  • Downtown areas
  • Main streets
  • Urban environments
  • Shopping complexes
  • Tourist areas
  • Residential settings

Nostalgia Series

Our Nostalgia Series line features exact reproductions of those that lined main streets and storefronts a century ago. You can trust the accuracy of our designs because we made the originals. Base castings are made from original wood patterns, handcrafted by immigrant European artisans during the 1930s.

An historic register from that era, including locations, design and photographs, has been maintained by Union Metal and is available to architects and historical societies today.

Historically accurate designs meet modern engineering
While enhancements have been made for easier assembly and maintenance, we have taken care to maintain the historical accuracy of the design. Often a key feature in the design of main street communities and historic preservation districts, these poles create unique and enjoyable environments for:

  • Downtown areas
  • Main streets
  • Urban environments
  • Shopping complexes
  • Tourist areas
  • Residential settings

Unparalleled Support

When you choose to work with Union Metal, we will:
Manufacture products with the highest degree of structural integrity
Meet or exceed your project requirements
Implement continuous quality
control measures
Respond quickly to your request

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