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Our vast selection of products is designed and manufactured to the highest of specifications and quality.  The materials we use are manufactured in complience with ASTM International standards to provide quality poles for your application. Our products are manufactured for durability, wear and corrosion resistance, as well as visual appeal.  Provided below is information on our materials, including Union Metal specifications, ASTM standards and process conditions:

Steel Tapered Shafts — ASTM A595

Anchor Bolts — ASTM F1554, GRADES 36,55 or 105


  Aluminum — 319, 356

  Gray Iron — ASTM A48c Class 30


  Poles — ASTM A123

  Hardware / Anchor Bolts — ASTM A153

Plates — ASTM A36

Mandrel Process for Steel Tapered Shafts —ASTM A595

Telescoping Joint Specs — Minimum 1 ½”  x   the inside diameter of female tube

Welding — AWS D1.1


Steel shaft of the pole shall be fabricated from not less than #11 Manufacturer's Standard Gauge, best grade, hot rolled basic open hearth steel.  The shaft shall have only one longitudinal, automatically, electrically welded joint, and shall have no intermediate horizontal joints or welds.  Only one length of steel sheet shall be used, which shall be formed into a continuously tapered shaft, having a taper of approximately .14” per foot.

After forming and welding, the tapered shaft shall be longitudinally cold rolled under sufficient pressure to flatten the weld and increase the physical characteristics of the shaft so that the metal will have a minimum guaranteed yield strength of 55,000 psi.

The cold rolling process shall also form a round, octaflute, square, octagonal, or cruciform shaft (as specified by the design of the pole to be furnished).  The octaflute shaft shall have equally spaced Doric flutes, sharp and clear-cut throughout the entire length of the shaft.  To obtain the sharp crest of the flutes, the radius of the crest shall be less than the thickness of the metal in the shaft.

Click here to visit the ASTM International Standards website.

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