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High Mast Lighting

High Mast Lighting PoleFor decades, Union Metal has been the foremost source of high mast lighting poles for state DOT projects, prisons, Port Authorities, and other commercial projects across the country. These organizations, and a host of others, choose Union Metal because of our proven quality in manufacturing and design, as well as our focus on finding our customers the best possible value.

All Union Metal high mast lighting poles are designed to AASHTO standards, and comply with various state specifications. These versatile poles are commonly used in roadway lighting, highway lighting, and parking lot lighting.

High mast lighting poles range in height from 60’ to 150’ and are designed to accommodate a number of lowering device manufacturers’ equipment. High mast poles can be easily galvanized or painted for even greater versatility.

Dependable Construction

Our vast selection of high mast lighting poles is designed and manufactured for durability, wear and corrosion resistance, and visual appeal. We begin with the highest-quality materials for our designs, and fabricate poles and supports that meet your specifications and exceed your expectations for architectural lighting and a number of other applications, including:

Traffic Control | Street Light Poles | Architectural Area Lighting | Sports and Stadium Lighting | Cellular Towers and Telecommunication | Poles | Custom Structures | Catenary / Light Rail | Distribution

Complete Lighting and Traffic Support Solutions

In addition to an extensive catalog of light and traffic pole designs, Union Metal also provides responsive and innovative custom capabilities. Our full range of stock and custom lighting products has provided unique and reliable lighting support solutions for a vast number of applications.

Our Nostalgia Series, which features original pole designs dating back to the early 1900s, offers classically-styled street and residential lighting, traffic poles, and luminaires that bring a distinct old-world charm to modern urban settings.

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