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The Nostalgia Series: Antique Traffic Signal Poles

Antique Traffic Signal PolesUnion Metal’s Nostalgia Series offers antique traffic signal poles — creating a distinctive and functional solution for modern lighting.

A century ago, Union Metal was renowned as the manufacturer of America’s first traffic signal poles. Today, we’re known as the leading supplier of these poles for cities and towns all across the nation.

Our Nostalgia Series of decorative lighting and traffic signal poles includes lamp posts and fixtures originally designed — by Union Metal — at the turn of the last century. For restoration, renewal, and even new development projects, the Nostalgia Series creates an old-world charm and a unique environment for visitors and residents.

Like our Nostalgia Lighting Pole series, these traffic signal poles retain the beauty and authenticity of these original designs while incorporating Union Metal’s proven manufacturing expertise and advanced technology.

Decorative Lighting Meets State-of-the-Art Technology

Antique Traffic Signal In TownThough the designs remain original, the technology behind them is cutting-edge. As with all of our modern street lighting, traffic signal, sports lighting, and other light pole solutions, Union Metal enhances every pole we produce to be strong, long-lasting, and corrosion-resistant.

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to see a demonstration of our flange plated mast arms, one example of how we incorporated functional innovation into original Nostaliga Series designs.

Nostalgia Series antique and decorative traffic poles are available in a wide range of heights, thicknesses, and mast lengths for a variety of applications, including: traffic signal, roadway lighting, street signage, and pedestrian signal. Numerous designs within each of these categories ensure that you find the decorative solution that is just right for your needs.

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