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Custom Structures

Custom Structure Poles Over RoadOne of Union Metal’s specialties is helping our customers find the sign structure or custom pole design that provides the perfect fit for their needs. If our comprehensive catalog of “off-the-shelf” and decorative lighting poles and support solutions do not completely match what our client envisions, our expert custom design services go to work.

Union Metal’s structural design and engineering expertise, specialized manufacturing capabilities, and century of experience allow us to meet any of your custom pole requirements. We employ a unique mandrel-formed process to produce sturdy pole shafts in various shapes, diameters, and wall thicknesses. This process also enables us to incorporate materials such as stainless steel, to add an additional level of wear-resistance and visual impact to the surface of your finished product.

Union Metal’s engineering and manufacturing expertise is complemented by our expansive archive of historic castings that dates back more than a century. If you’re looking for something different to set your project apart, Union Metal has the capabilities and experience to help you take your lighting to new heights.

Dependable Aluminum and Steel Construction

Custom Lighting PoleOur vast selection of sign structures and all of our custom poles are designed and manufactured for durability, wear and corrosion resistance, and visual appeal. We begin with the highest-quality materials for our steel and aluminum designs, and fabricate poles and supports that meet your specifications and exceed your expectations for street lighting and a number of lighting and support applications, including:

Traffic Control | Street Light Poles | Architectural Area Lighting | High Mast Lighting | Sports and Stadium Lighting | Cellular Towers and Telecommunication | Poles | Catenary / Light Rail | Distribution

Complete Lighting and Traffic Support Solutions

In addition to our responsive and innovative custom capabilities, Union Metal also provides an extensive catalog of stock light and traffic pole support designs. This comprehensive range of products has provided unique and lasting lighting solutions for a vast number of applications.

Our Nostalgia Series, which features original pole designs dating back to the early 1900s, offers classically-styled street and residential lighting, traffic poles, and luminaires that bring a distinct old-world charm to modern urban settings.

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