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Utility Poles and Transmission Towers

Utility Pole High MastFor years, Union Metal has been a leader in providing utility poles and other products that help keep people connected to the services and conveniences upon which they depend. We offer solutions for electrical utilities, cellular communications, radio transmissions, telephone lines, and a number of other applications.

For these industries, we provide support poles, distribution and transmission towers, standard and decorative lighting supports, and lightning protection poles. And our responsive team will work closely with you to design custom solutions to meet your individual requirements.

Union Metal is a full-line source for electrical utility and distribution poles, including corner and end poles. We produce these structures for our customers in any combination, including round or multi-sided poles in a range of sizes. We test the design of our poles extensively, ensuring the bend resistance, load capacity, height, and other factors are up to the requirements of the application.

Effective and Long-Lasting Alternatives to Wood

Union Metal steel utility poles and towers provide an excellent alternative to wood poles with a number of significant advantages and efficiencies. Chief among these is the ability to outperform wood in harsh and even catastrophic weather conditions.

Inclement weather of all types can seriously impact the performance of utility poles. Snow and ice add weight. Winds can toss trees onto lines — and in certain conditions, even bring the lines down completely. The strength and durability of steel poles provide a dependable and cost-effective defense against these weather-related threats.

Union Metal poles are produced in a wide variety of sizes and configurations to match almost any customer requirement. Weighing approximately 70% less than comparable wood structures, the steel poles are easier and less expensive to handle and install.

Additional advantages of steel distribution poles include:

• Uniform metal strength: Provides more consistent and predictable long-term performance

• Corrosion and damage-resistance: Treated and finished steel stands up to the elements and other environmental factors

• Sturdier stance: Steel poles are direct-embedded for most standard applications

• Ecological efficiency: Conform to EPA regulations, eliminate deforestation concerns, and are fully reusable and recyclable.

A Full Range of Lighting Solutions

The flexibility of Union Metal’s manufacturing process provides our customers with nearly unlimited options for their lighting solutions. From small and decorative sign posts to massive high mast and arena lighting structures, Union Metal’s design team creates solutions for applications including:

Traffic Control | Street Light Poles | Architectural Area Lighting | High Mast Lighting | Sports and Stadium Lighting | Cellular Towers and Telecommunication | Poles | Custom Structures | Catenary / Light Rail | Distribution

Ideal for restoration, renewal, and new development projects, our Nostalgia Series offers classically-styled street and residential lighting, traffic poles, and luminaires that bring a distinct old-world charm to modern urban settings. These products feature original pole designs dating back to the early 1900s, and offer an opportunity for cities and towns to install the exact same pole designs that Union Metal put on their streets nearly a century ago!


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