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Street Lighting and Traffic Support Poles, Coast to Coast

Night LightingAt Union Metal, we serve a broad and diverse industry, offering a full-line of street lighting and traffic support products while also serving as a source for steel and aluminum poles in a wide range of sizes and shapes.

Our selection of aluminum and steel poles meet the requirements for all types of roadway and area lighting applications including private projects and state DOT municipalities.

Our traffic light poles and highway lighting help brighten the way for motorists in every state, supporting overhead signs and giving directions for fuel, lodging, and refreshments across the country.

While our products help regulate traffic on busy streets in cities and towns from coast to coast, we also supply special period lighting standards and luminaries that help preserve the historic beauty of America’s streets. Our specially-designed product selection features antique and decorative street lights that are not only durable, but also made of the highest-quality materials.

We also offer accessories including vibration dampers, transformer bases, and breakaway couplings that meet current AASHTO frangibility requirements.

Mass Transit, Sports Lighting, and Beyond

Traffic LightWhile Union Metal began as a manufacturer of steel porch columns over a century ago, we now specialize in many areas, including street lighting, mass transit, sports and stadium lighting, and beyond.

If you ride mass transit, we provide products that support the electrical transmission lines that power trains as one of the leading manufacturers of catenary systems.

Walkways and parking lots in residential developments, office complexes and shopping malls are also brightened by our commercial lighting designs, including our high mast towers that reach 150 feet or more.

With our stadium and sports lighting products, professional and amateur sports as well as outdoor events are illuminated by lights supported by our poles. Our poles are designed for large lighting loads needed for modern stadiums as well as outdoor recreational facilities.

If you listen to the radio or have a cell phone, our cellular towers help ensure smooth communications. Our designs are engineered to meet the demanding requirements of the quickly-expanding wireless market.

Our products promote safety as our light poles help protect people and property during thunderstorms. Union Metal’s products enable electric utilities to distribute electric power across thousands of miles. We also supply wood equivalents to help preserve our national resources.

Union Metal also customizes our product offerings to your specifications to meet the needs of your particular project and applications.

Our Historical Archive records and showcases our work over the last hundred years, not only preserving our legacy of design and innovation, but serving as an invaluable resource to city planners and historical societies across the country.

Safe, Convenient, and Enjoyable Environments

Signal Traffic LightIf you are looking for a street lighting manufacturer to meet your needs, contact us today for more information on how we can help you create a safe, convenient and enjoyable environment through our range of products, including:

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