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Walkway Lighting for the Campus Environment

Campus Environment LightingUnion Metal walkway lighting can be seen on college and university campuses all across the country. These lights are found on paths and walkways, roads and parking lots, common areas and dorm grounds, and sports arenas and campus buildings.

These lights create an atmosphere of safety and accessibility, while adding to the aesthetic appeal of the grounds. Walkway lighting contributes to the visual impact of its surroundings in both the daytime and nighttime.

For 100 years, Union Metal has helped campuses to achieve this blend of beauty and safety with our line of walkway lighting solutions. In fact, many of the selections we offer today — in our Nostalgia Series — are the exact same designs we provided to campuses and universities around the turn of the last century! These distinct and remarkable products capture the “old world” appeal of vintage lighting, while providing up-to-date modifications.

Small Walkway Lighting Hamilton Hall SignA Century of Innovation

In the early 1900s, Union Metal became a pioneer in the design and manufacture of functional, dependable, and eye-catching street lighting poles and sign supports. Since then, we have constantly innovated the technology that enables more durable construction, more intricate designs, and greater load capacity — to accommodate the ever-increasing needs of the market.

At the same time, we have held true to the level of responsive service that established us as a leader in the field. For quality street lighting and traffic pole solutions, Union Metal is the name to know.

Walkway Lighting for CampusA Full Range of Lighting Solutions

In addition to the Nostalgia Series, Union Metal designs and manufactures a vast selection of lighting and signage poles for a variety of applications. All our products are engineered for durability, wear and corrosion resistance, and visual appeal. We begin with the highest-quality materials for our steel and aluminum designs, and fabricate poles and supports that meet your specifications and exceed your expectations for a number of applications, including:

Traffic Control | Street Light Poles | Architectural Area Lighting | High Mast Lighting | Sports and Stadium Lighting | Cellular Towers and Telecommunication | Poles | Custom Structures | Catenary / Light Rail | Distribution


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